Assemblywoman Young Kim Releases Statement on Election Returns

For Immediate Release
November 10, 2016
Contact: Andre Levesque
Phone: 916-626-6804

ORANGE COUNTY, CA — Today Assemblywoman Young Kim released a statement on the election results in California’s 65th Assembly District.

“The 65th District election is extremely important to our community,” said Kim. “After Tuesday’s elections there is still no decisive winner in the the 65th Assembly District. We must remain patient and allow the County Registrar of Voters to count all of the ballots before a winner is declared. Our community’s voice will be heard. Currently this election is being decided by a little more than a one percent vote margin. The more than 40,000 remaining ballots to be counted in our district will determine the election and we are cautiously optimistic that the remaining votes will push my campaign over the top. For the hundreds of volunteers that helped my campaign I am eternally grateful for all of your effort and hard work and I ask for your patience while the elections officials do their very important job.”

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Orange County Register: Young Kim for Assembly District 65

By the Orange County Register Editorial Board
October 23, 2016

Assemblywoman Young Kim has been a rare voice for sanity and fiscal prudence in a Legislature that has repeatedly sought to micromanage Californians’ personal and financial affairs. She plays an important role in preventing even greater transgressions by denying the unbridled ambitions of a supermajority power, and it is critical that she be able to continue in that capacity.

The Editorial Board recommends a vote for Young Kim on Nov. 8.

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Orange County Tax Assessor Disputes Quirk-Silva Attack Mailer He Calls Quirk-Silva Charge “False”

For Immediate Release
September 29, 2016
Contact: Dave Gilliard
Phone: 916-626-6804

Fullerton, CA — Yesterday, voters in the 65th Assembly District received a political hit piece from candidate Sharon Quirk-Silva that makes factually false claims about Assemblywoman Young Kim.

“It has come to our attention that in the course of a political campaign Assemblywoman Young Kim is being accused of ‘illegally claiming a homeowner’s credit on her taxes.’ This statement is false,” said Orange County Assessor Claude Parrish. “In fact, Young Kim properly notified the previous Assessor’s office in 2014 that she was no longer living at the home in question as of December 2012 and thus was not eligible for the Homeowner’s Exemption.

“Unfortunately, notices from the County in regard to this property were mailed to Ms. Kim at an old address and not forwarded to her, a common problem when people move. Through no fault of her own, a lien was placed on her property for a small amount of taxes due. This happens to innocent taxpayers like Ms. Kim all too often, and is a direct result of the notices not being properly forwarded by the US Postal Service. All of her property taxes are paid in full,” concluded Parrish.

“The smear campaign being run by Quirk-Silva steered itself right into a ditch with this false attack,” said Kim’s campaign consultant Dave Gilliard. “It is pretty clear that the motive behind these pathetic false attacks is to make voters forget that when she was in the Assembly, Quirk-Silva tried to undermine Proposition 13 and make it easier to raise taxes.”

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North Orange County Chamber of Commerce Endorses Assemblywoman Young Kim For Reelection

For Immediate Release
September 22, 2016
Contact: Andre Levesque
Phone: 916-626-6804

ORANGE COUNTY, CA – Today Young Kim announced receiving the endorsement of the North Orange County Chamber of Commerce (NOCC). The NOC Chamber of Commerce is the region’s leading voice of business representing more than 1,000 member businesses and more than 100,000 employees.

“Young Kim has been an advocate for small business growth and jobs as our representative,” said Theresa Harvey, President and CEO of the North Orange County Chamber of Commerce. “Voters can trust that Young Kim will continue to fight for small businesses and she will continue to oppose efforts to change Prop 13 as well as overbearing business regulations that hurt our local economy. That’s why she has the chamber’s support.”

The endorsement of the NOCC is notable because this election marks the first time the regional business organization has endorsed a candidate for State Assembly.

Assemblywoman Young Kim was elected to represent the 65th District in 2014 in a landslide. However, the 65th District maintains its status as one of the most competitive districts in the state and will be one of the most closely watched elections in 2016. The election will be held on November 8th in consolidation with the Statewide Presidential election. For more information about the campaign please visit

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Young Kim Receives Endorsement of Entire Orange County Board of Supervisors

For Immediate Release
September 2, 2016
Contact: Andre Levesque
Phone: 916-626-6804

ORANGE COUNTY, CA — Today Assemblywoman Young Kim announced receiving the unanimous endorsement of the Orange County Board of Supervisors in her reelection campaign for the 65th Assembly District. The endorsements included Supervisor Todd Spitzer, Supervisor Andrew Do, Supervisor Lisa Bartlett, Supervisor Michelle Steel and Supervisor Shawn Nelson.

In the announcement Supervisor Shawn Nelson said, “Young Kim has been a fantastic representative for Orange County. Supporting her reelection is an easy choice. Young Kim works for the people she represents and stands up to the Sacramento politicians that want to raise our taxes. That’s why we need to keep her working for us.”

As 4th District Supervisor Shawn Nelson represents the overlapping 65th District cities of Anaheim, Buena Park and Fullerton.

“I’m honored to have received the endorsement of my colleagues at the county level,” said Kim. “We are a team that is unified against the special interests of Sacramento and I take their guidance up to Sacramento to help deliver real results for Orange County. I’m grateful to have their support.”

Assemblywoman Young Kim was elected to represent the 65th District in 2014. The election will be held on November 8th. For more information about the campaign please visit

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Kim denounces Teachers’ Union President’s push to create “state crisis” in education

The Orange County Breeze
August 22, 2016

Assemblywoman Young Kim (R-Fullerton) today denounced recent comments made by United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) President Alex Caputo-Pearl that the teachers’ union needs to create a state crisis in 2018.

“No student should see their education held hostage by political motives,” said Kim. “It is disgraceful that the teachers’ union wants to ‘shock the system’ of public education and harm our children’s future.”

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Young Kim wins bipartisan support for Orange County Veterans Affairs Hospital

The Orange County Breeze
July 5, 2016

Legislation by Assemblywoman Young Kim (R-Fullerton) to better address and serve the mental health care needs of local veterans passed the Senate and won approval to be sent to Congress. Assembly Joint Resolution 20 supports building a central Veteran Affairs (VA) hospital in Orange County so veterans can successfully transition back to civilian life.

“When it comes to mental health care needs, what we don’t have is time to wait,” said Kim. “Orange County veterans continue to wait longer than the national average for appointments at a VA Hospital and that is unacceptable.”

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AB 1622 helps secure $10 million for homeless youth emergency service projects

The Orange County Breeze
July 2, 2016

Assembly Bill 1622, an important component of the landmark $2 billion No Place Like Home legislation that redirects $10 million to expand the Homeless Youth and Exploitation Program, passed the Assembly floor with bipartisan support yesterday. Assemblywoman Young Kim (R-Fullerton) led this effort with her introduction of Assembly Bill 1699 earlier this year.

“I am grateful we were able to put politics aside and work together to recognize the needs of our homeless youth,” said Assemblywoman Kim. “Too often they are invisible. This is an important step forward in providing this vulnerable population with a pathway to successful independence.”

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Administrators shouldering blame for bad education policy

By Young Kim, Op-Ed for The Orange County Register
April 28, 2016

In April, a California appeals court overturned the 2014 ruling in Vergara v. California that declared that a number of California policies deprived students of their constitutional right to an education, striking down teacher tenure, as well as layoff and dismissal laws.

In a unanimous opinion that overturned Vergara, the Second District Court of Appeals wrote: “The court’s job is merely to determine whether the statues are constitutional, not if they are ‘a good idea.’” The judges also stated that the laws being questioned were not necessarily responsible. At the core of their ruling, they blamed the administrators, and not the laws that hurt disadvantaged students.

I was disappointed in this ruling and the judges’ reasoning behind it. The administrators cannot be blamed for statutes that make it extremely difficult to get rid of grossly ineffective teachers.

Countless studies have shown that the most important in-school factor for student achievement is having an effective teacher in front of every classroom. Yet, the outdated laws we have in place prevent that and provide no flexibility for administrators to take action.

Take a look at the dismissal laws that require two to 10 years to get rid of an ineffective teacher and force districts to spend up to $50,000 in order to fire them. This requires extensive evaluation and an enormous amount of time for administrators who are already busy running a school. This law is structured in a way that discourages administrators from taking the necessary actions to fire grossly ineffective teachers.

The same thing can be said about granting teachers tenure. After 18 months, districts are forced to decide whether or not to give a teacher a “job for life.” That doesn’t provide teachers enough time to master their craft and doesn’t give administrators enough time to evaluate a teacher’s performance.

Then there is “Last In, First Out,” where administrators are forced to lay off their most recent hires, with no deliberation over teachers’ effectiveness in the classroom. Once again, districts have no choice on who to keep and who should stay – it is all based on seniority, and that means letting go of some great teachers.

The bottom line is that dismissal laws, tenure and “Last In, First Out” are all inflexible state mandates that collectively deprive our students of a quality education.

Knowing this, we cannot rely on the courts to end the failing status quo. This is something we need to reform through the legislative process. We have the tools to do it, but we need the majority party to get on board.

Together, we can enact meaningful reforms that will produce and support effective teachers, create great classrooms and ensure that every single child receives the best education possible.

I will continue to stand with students and parents to fight for a high quality education for all. With great teachers and quality schools, there is no limit to what our children can achieve.

Young Kim, R-Fullerton, represents the 65th Assembly District, which includes the communities of Anaheim, Buena Park, Cypress, Fullerton, La Palma and Stanton.

This Op-Ed was published in the Orange County Register

Assemblywoman Young Kim Shines, Opponent Fails to Impress In Year End Campaign Reports

Kim Outpaces Quirk-Silva By Almost 3-1 Margin

For Immediate Release
February 1, 2016
Contact: Andre Levesque
Phone: 916-626-6804

ORANGE COUNTY, CA — Assemblywoman Young Kim is launching her campaign for reelection to the State Assembly with a significant advantage. Campaign finance reports filed with the Secretary of State’s office show Assemblywoman Young Kim with a significant lead reporting more than $611,000 raised in 2015 with almost $489,000 cash on hand.

Contrasting Kim’s report with her opponent’s shows Kim with an impressive year. Sharon Quirk-Silva reported raising $213,000 with $175,000 cash on hand.

“Young Kim has never stopped working in her district to earn voters’ confidence in the job she is doing for them in Sacramento. Her impressive fundraising report is evidence of just how hard Young Kim is working,” said Kim political spokesperson Andre Levesque. “The fact that Young Kim is raising money at nearly a 3-1 pace with her opponent should prove that she is well on her way to victory in 2016.”

With no other reported candidates announcing their candidacy the stage is set for a rematch of the 2014 election in which Kim handily beat Quirk-Silva by almost 10 percentage points to represent the 65th Assembly District.

The 65th District is entirely nested within Orange County and includes the cities of Anaheim, Buena Park, Cypress, Fullerton, La Palma and Stanton.

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